In the United States disclosed data on the numerous losses of Turkish Leopard 2 tanks in Syria

The US military announced significant losses of Turkish tanks in Syria.

Clashes in Syria between the Turkish and Syrian military resulted in very serious losses of Leopard 2 tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces. As follows from the reports of the American military, before these tanks were involved in Syria, they demonstrated superiority on the battlefield, however, the Syrian military canceled out the prospects of these combat vehicles, destroying a large number of them even with obsolete weapons.

As noted by the American military, the Leopard 2 tanks developed in Germany were too weakly protected and easily destroyed by the Syrian military and the forces of the Syrian Kurds. Moreover, in addition to the recent clashes, the US military also revealed information about significant losses of Leopard 2 tanks during the fight against terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) - in 2016, several dozen of these tanks were destroyed ...

“Its reputation is almost perfect, but the tank failed on the Syrian battlefields and put Berlin in an extremely embarrassing national dispute with Turkey, which is also a NATO member. Undoubtedly, the way the Turkish army used German tanks probably contributed to the losses. Rather than being used as part of a combined arms force along with mutually supportive infantry, they were deployed in the rear as long-range fire support, while Turkish-backed Syrian militias led the attacks alongside Turkish special forces. Isolated in open firing positions without adequate nearby infantry to create a good defensive perimeter, Turkish Leopard 2 tanks were vulnerable to ambushes. "- reports "The National Interest".

According to the data provided, only Islamic State terrorists destroyed about two dozen Leopard 2 tanks, while at least 12 heavy armored vehicles were destroyed in the confrontation with the Syrian forces, moreover, this was done by Soviet tanks and ATGMs in service with the SAA Kurds.