General Ben Hodges


In the USA, they told how the Ukrainian Armed Forces "stopped the Russians"

The American general said that the MAT "stopped the Russians"

General Ben Hodges, who previously headed the US ground forces in Europe, giving an interview to Ukrainian media, paid most attention to the situation in the Donbas. A feature of his communication with the press was the concentration of anti-Russian statements and the desire to please the radical audience of Ukraine, reports the publication "Military Review".

Hodges assured that he "is ready to commend the efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who stopped the Russians."

“I believe that there can be different conversations, but in Ukraine they can be confident of their servicemen”- declared Hodges.

After that, Hodges affirmatively assured that the OSCE mission in the Donbass "fixes that Ukrainian troops are much more responsible in complying with the cease-fire agreement." Probably, according to the general, almost uninterrupted attempts to capture areas of the “gray zone” along the line of contact, regular shelling of the adjacent territory are also evidence of “increased responsibility”.

During the interview, Hodges said that the position “against the illegal annexation of Crimea” will remain the position of the United States and NATO. The general also stressed that “not a single person with military experience” will say that the military forces of the DPR and the LPR act independently.

The American general did not speak about who gives permission for constant shelling of the territory of Donbass by the military of Ukraine and radical nationalist groups. He did not even remember about the American military instructors who prepare the Ukrainian military, and they continue to wage war in the Donbass against their compatriots.

It should be recalled that earlier, while acting as commander of the US ground forces in Europe, the general reported with confidence that "the Russian army is preparing for an offensive against Odessa and the creation of a land corridor to the Crimea."

Some strange "lull" in the Donbass, as before the storm. It seems that someone really wants to get on the sidelines.