In the United States, they talked about the interceptions of F-35 fighters by the Russian Su-35S

When a Russian Su-35S meets an American F-35 in the sky, the Russian fighters immediately start chasing.

The American military was embittered by the behavior of Russian pilots, who immediately send their fighters to pursue American F-35s when they meet in the sky. According to publications Military Watch Magazine, a Russian Su-35S fighter equipped with an Irbis-E radar, is capable of detecting F-35 fighters at distances of several hundred kilometers, and if at this time American combat aircraft appear nearby, the Russian Aerospace Forces will immediately begin pursuing them , while the US Air Force planes immediately deploy, realizing that they are deprived of any advantage.

It should be noted that the arguments of the American side are not just assumptions, since several cases are known when Russian Su-35S fighters successfully approached the American F-35 unnoticed, and the latter, deprived of any advantage, were forced to retreat.

According to Military Watch Magazine, Russia regularly practices interceptions of American F-35 fighters in an attempt to identify their weaknesses. Moreover, a little earlier, the Sohu publication reported that it was probably due to an attempt by the British F-35 to intercept the Russian Su-30 fighter, a fifth generation fighter, and crashed in the Mediterranean Sea a few days ago.

watched the video of the fall, for some reason, he did not accelerate and just dived into the sea, maybe the kerosin of the wrong system

Yes, ours just did not notice them. so they got close by chance. They are invisible. )))

"crashed" gave afterburner and the engine flew away.

Amerigans, just close your eyes in flight - "I don't see anyone, so nobody sees me", and we will pretend that you are invisible, well, or at least unobtrusive, well, very little

The Russian SU 30 noticing the American f-35 turned on the electronic warfare system, while the fifth-generation f-35 crashed, all the electronics failed.