Aircraft carriers


In the US, told about aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea that threaten Russia

The United States explained the appearance of aircraft carriers threatening Russia in the Mediterranean.

The representative of the US Navy's 6 fleet, Amelia Umayam, told the TASS news agency that at the same time there are two American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean at the same time, because the redeployment schedule was slightly disturbed.

Umayam clarified that the shock groups headed by the aircraft carriers Abraham Lincoln (USS Abraham Lincoln) and John C. Stennis (USS John C. Stennis) are heading for the shores of the United States. The first group goes to San Diego, the second to Norflock. She did not specify the terms of the strike groups in the Mediterranean.

A spokesperson for the fleet said that the schedules allowed, when passing through the Mediterranean, to "conduct large-scale exercises." Their goal is to strengthen deterrence and provide security guarantees to America’s allies, “while protecting the interests of the United States.”

Earlier, on April 24, US Ambassador to Russia John Hatsman called the presence of American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean a signal warning Moscow that it should listen to the international community.

The Russian Foreign Ministry ambassador replied that the head of the American diplomatic mission had exhausted all diplomatic potential, recalling that it was impossible to speak with Russia in such a tone.

The deployment of the strike forces of the United States Navy to the Mediterranean Sea began on April 23. 10 ships, 30 planes and almost 9 thousands of marines were deployed to the maneuver area.

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