PrSM rocket launch


In the US, spoke about the "very successful" tests of the "killers" of Russian C-400

The Russian C-400 Triumph has a deadly adversary.

US General General John Rafferty said the United States has successfully tested the unique. The Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) high-precision missile, which was specially developed to counter Russian air defense and missile defense systems, moreover, we are talking about the C-400.

“A new rocket was already tested at the beginning of the outgoing week at the White Sands training ground in New Mexico. According to the general, test launches were successful. The missile, which will replace the outdated ATACMS tactical system, covered about 240 kilometers and hit all targets. It will be smaller, which will make it possible to place a larger number of charges in the installations, added General Rafferty. "- reports the publication "Moscow Komsomolets."

It is noteworthy that the missile is supposed to be used in Himars complexes, which are currently deployed just a few hundred kilometers from the borders of the Kaliningrad region, where the Russian C-400 are located.

But Russian military experts are very skeptical of Rafferty’s statement, drawing attention to the fact that the Triumphs themselves are not at all designed to deal with such targets - these functions are performed by short-range air defense / missile defense systems, in particular, the shell -С ”, SAM“ Tor-M2 ”, etc.

“Washington cannot understand the obvious - the Russian C-400 is not at all designed to intercept such missiles, and therefore, yes, they are vulnerable to them. Nevertheless, any S-400 positional area is protected by a huge amount of short-range air defense systems, including the Pantsir air defense missile system, which, by the way, have not missed any of the hundreds of missiles fired at the Khmeimim airbase. ”, - said the analyst

Russia has only 2 ally. Army and Navy!