In the USA, they talked about the hunt for Russian submarines with combat torpedoes

In the USA, they talked about the hunt for Russian submarines.

Despite the fact that the travel routes and the current position of Russian nuclear submarines are top secret information, and only a few people have information on the territory of the country, it became known that the United States easily determines the position of all Russian nuclear submarines.

“American nuclear submarines load torpedoes in Norway before sailing to track Russian submarines <...> The Sixth US Navy on Thursday posted on Twitter photos showing how the MK-48 Advanced Capability torpedo is loaded (into the American submarine - approx. Ed.). The operation took place at the Haakonsvern Naval Base near Bergen on the west coast of Norway. "- The Barents Observer reports, noting that torpedoes are a means of hunting Russian submarines.

The information resource notes that both the United States and NATO have all the necessary information about any movements of Russian submarines, that. By the way, it is confirmed by previously published information that the U.S. Navy anti-submarine aircraft follow Russian nuclear submarines almost on the heels, and a few weeks ago they even worked off the coast of Norway to destroy Russian submarines.