In the United States, the Russian Su-57 fighter was called the worst on the planet

Su-57 in the United States was recognized as "the worst on the planet."

A veteran American Marine Corps observer and observer of international combat and defense technology, Alex Hollings spoke very negatively about the Russian Su-57 combat aircraft.

According to him, the fighter is considered "the worst on the planet." He stressed that although the Russian Su-57 is one of the four operating fifth-generation aircraft, it has a large number of shortcomings. In turn, he also pointed out that the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II are "champions" in America.

The Su-57 is a Russian combat aircraft designed to engage air, sea and ground targets.

Alex Hollings considers the Russian fighter to be "the most discreet" of the top four. This rating includes the same American F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II and Chinese J-20.

He stated that these 4 fighters do not need to be compared, since each in this rating has its own goals and applications. Hollings also notes that although the Su-57 is "the worst on the planet," it does not seem bad among the fighters of the same class.

The American veteran noted that the first Su-57 crashed back in 2019, and its next shipment to Syria was necessary only as an advertisement.

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