MLRS strike


In the USA, the development of a robotic MLRS in Russia is discussed with horror

The development in Russia of a robotic MLRS frightened the US military.

The American military is actively discussing the robotic multiple launch rocket system being developed by the Russian military and, judging by the opinions expressed, such systems will pose a huge danger to the United States and its allies.

According to the experts of The National Interest, under a robotic multiple launch rocket system, one should first of all consider the fact that this type of weapon will have the highest accuracy. In addition, such systems, obviously, will be controlled by unmanned aerial vehicles and reconnaissance aircraft, independently advancing to the front line, striking and regrouping for a subsequent attack.

“The Russians need computerization, the introduction of an artificial intelligence system, which would allow the control of a robotic MLRS. In turn, this will not allow achieving the "flexibility" of firing, which may be inherent in a real crew of a combat vehicle ", - said in the material "The National Interest".

According to analysts, if robotic MLRS actually appear in Russia's arsenal, then they can be used not only to defeat ground targets and forces, but also to destroy strategic objects and entire settlements.


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