In the United States simulated an attack on Kyiv with a nuclear 100-megaton bomb

Enthusiasts from the United States showed the effect of a 100-megaton nuclear bomb falling on Kyiv.

The effect of an accurate hit of a 100-megaton nuclear warhead on the center of Kyiv was absolutely devastating. The approximate zone of destruction of a nuclear bomb, without the effect of secondary factors of a nuclear explosion, is about 65 kilometers. This, for obvious reasons, has devastating consequences for almost any object that finds itself in the affected area of ​​a nuclear explosion.

Taking into account the population living in Kyiv and in the conditional zone of destruction of a nuclear bomb, the number of victims of such a strike would be almost 2.5 million people. Almost certainly, in this case, neighboring Ukrainian regions, as well as the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and Belarus, will be affected.

To date, only one nuclear bomb has been created in the world, carrying approximately the same destructive effect - this is the Tsar Bomba. For comparison, the power of all nuclear warheads of the Sarmat heavy ICBM is only 8 megatons.

For obvious reasons, the use of such a powerful nuclear bomb against Ukraine is considered solely for modeling the process. However, it is noteworthy that in the near future, the Poseidon nuclear submarine drone, whose capacity is estimated at just 100 megatons, may appear in service with Russia.


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