Analogue of Vanguard


The United States has created an analogue of the Russian Avangard. Photo and video.

In the United States showed a full copy of the Russian missile system "Avangard".

Tonight, the Voenny Obozrevatel Telegram channel published photographs showing full copies of the warheads used in the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile system. Experts do not exclude that the United States could have received secret information about the Russian missile system and are currently trying to reproduce it.

In the presented pictures you can see the striking similarity of the combat units with the combat units of the Russian hypersonic Avangard strike complex, which was publicly tested at the end of last year. At the moment, it is known that Lockheed Martin is responsible for the development of combat units, while, as specified, the purpose of the combat unit presented in the photographs is the same as for the combat units of the Russian Avangard complex.

Within the framework of the 34-annual symposium of the Air Force Association and the exhibition of technologies in Florida, a video was also presented, where you can see that we are really talking about an analogue of the Russian Avangard - the only difference is the presence of one warhead here, at that time as the Russian Avangard possesses at least three blocks.

It is known that the copied "Vanguard" will have a hypersonic speed, ranging from 17 to 22 MAX.

Yes, 3D printing is at a high level, only four rivets are needed for bonding!

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Even without taking into account that these are pictures and all that stuff, I want to draw the attention of my colleagues that physics and its laws are exactly the same with mattresses and with us, so the planes look like and the missiles and warheads for hypersound will be about the same, there’s no such large gap left-right that would fly as it should.

In fact, the Pindos presented PICTURES, which depicted something resembling avant-garde. It's all. So they have all the rockets from 70-80's. Today, except for financial frauds, they can not give birth. And, by the way, Lockheed Martin is the degraded sharaga that gave birth to F-35, which the Pindos use to force their litters and that the whole world laughs at.

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Over the years that the clever people of the United States will pore over the American "Vanguard", our "Fools" will put into service a lot more ...

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Of course, it may take years to create, but the fact is that Russia will not be able to intercept it - the C-500 runs at speeds up to 7 km \ c., And this, judging by the infe, can accelerate to almost 8 km \ c.

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