Fighters F-35


In the United States created a squadron for the "war" with the Russian Su-57

The American squadron "Aggressor" is preparing to fight with the Su-57.

The composition of the 65 th squadron of the US Air Force "Aggressor" will be updated fifth-generation fighter F-35. The US military with the help of these aircraft will be preparing for confrontation with high-tech fighter potential enemy, including with the Russian Su-57.

The fact that the eleven F-35A fighters are being transferred to the Nellis air base (Nevada) is reported in the publication of Jane's, which refers to the source of the United States Air Force. These aircraft should provide increased flight and combat skills of the pilots, and the development of the actions of the air defense missile system, as well as improve the training of the military serving the anti-aircraft artillery.

Currently, the fifth-generation F-65 Fighting Falcon fighter jets are part of the 16 Squadron. It is envisaged that eleven F-35A will enter it. Previously, ten of them were based at Eglin (Florida).

As reported by the representative of the US Air Force Robert Liz, the aircraft that will go to the air base, are different from those who participate in combat missions. They were collected in the early stages of production of the F-35. Because of this, they are inferior to modern vehicles in equipment and armament. Upgrade their command was gone, but still, these planes can be used to train pilots.

It should be noted that the 64 Squadron will retain all F-16 aircraft. Due to this, as the representative of the US Air Force emphasized, this squadron and 65-I will complement each other.

Incorporate F-35 fighter jets into the Aggressors, suggested by the commander of US military aviation General Mike Holmes. He is confident that these machines will provide the best training for pilots for a possible meeting with planes of the fifth generation of a potential enemy - including the Su-57.