Hypersonic rocket


In the United States created a hypersonic missile, but it could not lift a fighter

The United States created a hypersonic missile, but no fighter can transport it.

Active development by the American side of hypersonic weapons resulted in a new problem. If today the United States has a prototype of a hypersonic missile, and we are talking about the AGM-183A missile, then it turned out that not one of the fighters in the arsenal of the US Air Force, which obviously applies to the Allied countries, simply can not operate it .

At the moment, it is known that the American hypersonic missile AGM-183A is not only inferior to the Russian "Dagger" in range, but also has significant dimensions in connection with which, either B-52 bombers or B-1 Lancer will become carriers of American hypersonic weapons .

According to a number of sources, the length of the AGM-183A rocket is about 6,5-7 meters, and its mass is approximately 2-2,5 tons, which makes this weapon completely hopeless, especially since the launch can take place further than 800 kilometers to the target , which makes it easy to intercept even the carrier of this ammunition.

“US bombers are morally and physically obsolete. If we consider the promising B-21 as a carrier, then in this case, the US armament will not receive hypersonic weapons until the 2025 of the year, since the bomber itself is still being developed ”, - the expert notes.

and for existing goals

The essence of perspective is that the dagger is designed for an existing fighter.

But not that the weight of the dagger is 4 tons and its length is 7 meters. that is, even more American, and you are talking about futility.