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The US stole Russian technology of the use of cruise missiles

In the United States, Russian technology was stolen, allowing the destruction of an entire aircraft carrier.

The Russian Club-K missile system suddenly became so interested in the United States of America that Washington decided to use such technology, applying it to its strike unmanned aerial vehicle.

It is mainly about placing an American drone in a special sea container, which will hide the use of this aircraft, since in this case, the drone can be on board absolutely any civilian sea vessel, and given the data on its heavy armament, this creates serious risks.

“The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) XQ-58A Valkyrie (with wings removed), together with a retractable rail launcher, can be placed in a standardized multi-turn container (container)”- reports.

According to experts, if such a drone receives nuclear weapons, and this is quite possible, then the United States will be able to bring such a drone to the very Russian borders.