Complex THAAD


In the United States, they questioned Russia's ability to suppress the THAAD missile defense system in Romania

US in Romania "bare" southern Russia

The Military Review reports that the American anti-missile defense system (PRO) THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is being deployed in Deveselu (Romania) due to Russia's inability to suppress the work of the GBR (Ground Based Radar) radar.

This radar with the index AN / TPY-2 works in high-precision centimeter X-band. It is the most advanced and noise-proof in the class of mobile towed radar (radar) for early detection, tracking and targeting.

Since AN / TPY-2 makes it possible to minimize the radiation power in the direction of the EW (electronic warfare) of a potential enemy, “It will be very difficult to crush the station’s work even for a full squadron of the Crimean Su-30CM”, - reports "Military Review", continuing the assessment, - “GBR will be able to provide operators of the THAAD complex with an open field of opportunities in terms of scanning the airspace over the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory for air transport of military transport and strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Force”.

As follows from the publication of the publication, the only thing that will interfere with the work of the calculation of the complex THAAD is the phenomenon of a radio horizon.