The United States went into hysterics over fear of Russian missiles threatening NATO in the Black Sea

The United States began to panic over the deployment of Zircon hypersonic missiles in the Black Sea.

The deployment of Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles in the Black Sea frightened the United States, especially since not only warships that can still be tracked, but also submarines that can freely strike any country in the Black Sea region, and if necessary, will be based here and across central Europe. It is obvious that it is for this reason that the United States intends to further promote the idea of ​​classifying the Zircon hypersonic missiles as a banned weapon, which will put additional pressure on Russia and from the UN.

Serious concern about this problem was expressed by American experts in an article by The National Interest, which notes the fact that it is simply impossible to intercept a Russian missile flying at a speed of 2-3 thousand km / h in 8-9 minutes.

"Stopping missiles traveling at five times the speed of sound is a challenge for all forces, and launching from submarines poses additional challenges.", - said in the material "The National Interest".

Moreover, the United States believes that Russian weapons pose a particular danger to Albania and Bulgaria, because these countries will not only be unable to provide their own defense, but will almost certainly become corridors for strikes against other NATO countries, since these two states are in service there are no modern air defense / missile defense systems.

Russia needs more Bastions .. 54 PU, given the weakness of the fleet and the weakness of the allies, is nothing .. And the Ball is not a threat .. Against Ukraine, except for those areas where the coast of a potential enemy is no more than 150 km ...

Where do you think that Russia is going to attack someone?

In the Atlantic too! Float, GIFTS!

Neither Albania nor Bulgaria have Mk41 dual-use installations capable of launching cruise missiles under the cover of Aegeis. But in Romania they are, but such is life, if we do not have time to destroy them, then they will destroy us.
Previously, the Americans had to think when they set up the Romanians.
Bulgarians do not worry, let the Romanians worry once they have allowed US bases at home. ))

Are the US politicians all right with their heads? A psychiatrist is not required?)))

About Bulgaria, Romania, and especially Albania, important powers that no one except an American needs