Hit Toosochka


The United States was horrified by the newest Russian complex, capable of destroying a tank battalion in less than 10 seconds

In the United States, they are frightened by the capabilities of the newest Russian complex, capable of instantly destroying an entire tank battalion.

Specialists from the United States were frightened of the TOS-2 "Tosochka" heavy flamethrower system, which was preparing for the adoption by Russia. Against the background of Washington's emphasis on armored forces in its ground military operations, it became known that the latest Russian weapons could, in less than 10 seconds, destroy an entire tank battalion. In the case of the involvement of several systems, such strikes can crush the largest forces.

“Russian flamethrower of the 21st century can destroy US tanks. Unlike its predecessors, which were installed on the tank chassis, the TOS-2 system is installed on the wheeled chassis of the Ural truck with increased carrying capacity and maneuverability. TOS-2 could be the 21st century version with increased missile launch range. Tosochka also has fully automated aiming, firing and fire control systems. According to the Ministry of Defense, the heavy flamethrower system is equipped with a crane and, therefore, does not need a transport-loading vehicle. TOS-2 also has an electronic warfare system against precision weapons. Although it is less armored than its predecessors, it can unleash fire on the enemy. "- said American columnist Peter Suchiu in an interview with The National Interest.

Considering the fact that the area of ​​continuous destruction of enemy forces near the Russian TOS-2 "Tosochka" system is from 40 to 60 thousand square meters, one strike from a distance of about 6 kilometers can easily destroy an entire tank battalion of enemy forces.

Are you very knowledgeable in the art of war?
Calculate how many drones you need to wage at least 1 year of war on foreign territory.
Read about the preparation of the counter-offensive against Germany, how the Soviet army carried out colossal preparations for the offensive, pulling together a huge number of troops so that almost no one knew about it. Do you think it is very difficult to fit super-passable and fast Urals at night in cloudy weather and disguise? Then you are definitely not a warrior)
The one who is smarter and fights for his land will win :)

1) No one in modern conditions will allow these Uralvagazavodnye "super flamethrowers" 6 kilometers.
2) Drones will easily destroy these systems even with light bombs and the tankers will burn themselves like sausages on a grill.

Only in the inflamed brain did he grow. military "strategists" may develop such "ultra-precise" systems ...

The good thing is to change the doctrine from defensive to offensive.