11 September terrorist attack


In the US, remember the terrorist attack in September 11 2001 years

14 years ago, passenger planes rammed the World Trade Center buildings.

Terrible terrorist act that took place in September 11 2001 years, settled permanently fear among thousands of people in front of aircraft. "It would seem that aircraft designed to provide exceptional assistance to people moving long distances in minimum time, however, the terrorists have found a way to apply a large passenger airliner, killing thousands of people," - say representatives of US civil aviation.

According to news agency Avia.pro the terrorist attack occurred about 9 30 hours minutes in the morning local time, killing a man 2974 and 24 more still unaccounted for. As a result of a terrible incident, the US government revised regulations organization of security at their airports, and today these airports are considered the safest in the world, but providing it earlier, could have been avoided and most of the tragedy and its victims.


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