The US ridiculed the futility of Russian weapons in Syria

The United States declared the futility of Russian weapons in Syria.

Despite the fact that Russia successfully defeated the Islamic State terrorists in Syria, the United States stated that the Russian weapons used in the territory of the Arab Republic showed its utter futility. This is due to various kinds of flaws, as well as the inapplicability of such weapons in these climatic conditions.

The American publication “The National Interest” notes that this is primarily due to the fact that Russian scientists have never been involved in the development of weapons intended for use in extremely high temperatures.

It should be clarified that in Russia they confirm that, in fact, some of the weapons have been finalized and modernized, but of course there is no talk of any inefficiency.

“How can one argue about the lack of effectiveness in creating weapons, if it was thanks to him that he managed to defeat the forces of terrorists of several tens of thousands of people? Yes, the Russian military encountered certain difficulties, but this was only a minor problem, which they managed to solve very quickly. ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

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You might think America was discovered)) There are more show-offs in Russian weapons, it’s not for nothing that they say there are no analogues in the world, outdated Soviet technology, the authorities give out new developments as a type, add new numbers and a name and a bit of cosmetic tuning and oops! )) Here it is ...)

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Significant problems with equipment and weapons in Syrian conditions have been identified, and development experts admit this, and Shoigu recently spoke about this. Regarding the defeat of ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), ours practically did not work according to ISIS (well, a little in Palmyra and Deir ezZure), in the “our” zone there are completely different barmels.