In the United States ridiculed the Russian fleet, offering to think about its "futility"

The level of combat capabilities of the Russian fleet was 51% less than that of the United States.

Despite the emergence of new types of weapons in the arsenal of Russia, the transfer of new warships and submarines to the fleet, to date, the level of combat capabilities of the Russian Navy is only 49% of the capabilities of the American fleet. According to American experts, this is a very serious blow for Moscow.

“Russian experts are bravely trying to positively“ untwist ”estimates. The title says that in terms of the total number of ships, the Russian fleet is "almost equivalent to the American fleet." In addition, his combat rating compared with the U.S. Navy, as claimed, was supposed to improve in 2018, but you can’t hide quite alarming figures for Kremlin strategists. As it turned out, the Russian Navy has less than half (49 percent) of the combat power of the US Navy for 2019 "- сообщает "The National Interest."

It is not known how reliable such information is and on what the arguments of American experts are based, however, today the Russian navy is actively opposing the American fleet that appears near the Russian borders, while the US Navy command has recognized the fact that it can no longer exercise control over Russian submarines, including those equipped with nuclear weapons, even in relative proximity to the United States.

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Naturally, the fleet’s niches are not comparable in number, but in terms of combat power, we can say that in some ways we will not yield. And the tasks of our fleet and the USA are completely different.

well, jump a little. And then everything.

The Russians are coming - and don’t say that we didn’t warn you

And so-called partners can only convey emotions. What is characteristic is evolution continues. Well done, almost a strategist.

The American fleet should be scattered across all oceans - such is their policy, and it cannot be greatly weakened there. Less than half can be allocated to attack Russia. If you do not consider the landing operation in New York or San Francisco, then the balance of power turns out to be somewhat different ...

The fleets of Russia and the USA have completely different tasks. How can you compare them?