Bomber B-21


In the United States, the assembly of five B-21 Raider strategic bombers is nearing completion

The United States announced the imminent adoption of the latest B-21 Raider strategic bombers.

According to the American media, citing sources in the country's defense department, five promising B-21 Raider strategic bombers for the US Air Force are at the final assembly stage. This means that next year, strategic bombers B-21 Raider can be adopted by the country, although initially it was reported that this will happen in 2023.

The strategic bomber B-21 Raider is considered to be the most dangerous for Russia today, which is due to the use of new "stealth" technologies in its creation. Moreover, in the near future, B-21 Raider bombers may be armed with long-range hypersonic missiles. This will allow the bomber not to enter the Russian air defense zone. Taking into account the technologies used by the Russian military to create air defense means, the bomber will not cause big problems, since, due to its large size, the aircraft can be detected from a distance of several thousand kilometers, and hypersonic missiles can be intercepted from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

What technical capabilities the American strategic bomber B-21 Raider will have is still unknown due to the special secrecy of this project.


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But when built, it will fly normally, unlike the F-35. And how this new bomber will fly, time will tell.)

One might think that the author of the article is aware of these "large sizes". And this is not the reason that it can be detected because of this. What are you going to detect?

And here in Russia, all one "pack-yes" cannot be built in any way :)))