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The United States said that they did not notice the opposition of Russia in the exercises in the Black Sea

The Pentagon believes that there were no real threats to the exercises in the Black Sea from Russia.

The US Department of Defense has reported that Russian military aircraft flights, naval maneuvers and attempts to intercept NATO ships in the Black Sea are not significant actions by Russia to counter the Sea Breeze 2021 military exercises in the Black Sea.

According to the Pentagon, Russia's actions should not be considered any real threat, especially since the Sea Breeze 2021 military exercise, one of NATO's largest military exercises in the Black Sea, was carried out as planned.

The statement by the American defense department can be understood as an attempt to humiliate the Russian military. The United States is well aware of the fact that Russia was even ready to destroy the British ship "Defender", which invaded Russian territorial waters, demonstrating aggressive actions.

By the way, analysts draw attention to the fact that Russia really did not seek to disrupt the military exercises. Due to the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance, it was forced to act in such a way as to prevent provocations near its territorial waters and to ensure the safety of its maritime borders from a possible invasion.

It's good when everyone is good.)
We trained on them, and they swam near Odessa and Romania ... For this it was worth putting on white masks and fireproof gloves and anxiously looking at the screens and through the windows))

And where did the famous Su-24 mobile deafeners go, from which the Ross's sister ship shamefully fled to Constanta?
Why weren't the emitter towers from the "inhabited island" Crimea involved?



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