The United States announced its readiness to repeat the incident with the training of the invasion of Russian waters

The United States saw no violations in the approach of the missile destroyer to the Russian borders and declared their readiness to repeat it.

A serious incident that occurred last Friday near Russia's territorial waters, when the American missile destroyer Chafee almost crossed the Russian border, but was stopped by the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, was not perceived in the United States as any violation of international rules and declared about the readiness to repeat the situation with the development of the actual invasion of Russian waters, if it so requires.

The command of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy noted that the US actions took place exclusively in international waters, and the closed zone designated by the Russian side is not any significant obstacle for this, especially since the notification at the time of the incident had not yet entered into force. According to the command of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy, the actions of the crew of the missile destroyer "Chafee" are completely legal, since the United States has the right to operate freely in the region and the Sea of ​​Japan.

Earlier, experts said that the provocative actions of the United States may be associated with the first attempt by Tokyo and Washington to exert force on Russia, especially after Japan arbitrarily declared its sovereignty over the Kuril Islands.

Yes, it will be so. We still have little guts.