The United States announced the need to launch an offensive on Belarus

Washington intends to start a war against Belarus.

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Aleinik published excerpts from the hearings in the US Senate, which worked out measures against this state on the part of Washington. As follows from the materials submitted, which have already been sent to the Presidential Administration, the Security Council and the State Security Committee of Belarus, the United States plans to launch an offensive on Belarus, in fact, declaring war on the neighboring state.


The report is a citation of participants in a hearing in the US Senate on June 9, which cites statements by US senators, Ambassador Julie Fisher and even Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. In addition to the introduction of sanctions against a neighboring state, it is also reported about the start of an offensive on Belarus, which is especially important against the background of the deployment of large NATO forces near the Belarusian borders.


It is noteworthy that a few hours ago, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the need to train civilians to use weapons, and from the beginning of this year, large-scale calls for officers and servicemen from the reserve began on the territory of the neighboring state, which may indicate the fact that Minsk really possesses information about a probable invasion from the West.

Also a delusional interpretation of the facts snatched out of the context of documents.
At the level of light, Tikhanovskaya declares war on Belarus.