C-400 fighter


In the US, announced the approach to the Russian C-400 at 36 kilometers

In the US, declassified data on the capabilities of Russian C-400.

Contrary to the fact that the effective range of aerodynamic targets of the S-400 Triumph by Russian air defense systems is 600 kilometers, while the effective range of their destruction is up to 400 kilometers, the United States stated that in reality, the F-35 fighter was able to get closer to the Russian “ Triumphs ”at a distance of only 36 kilometers (20 miles).

“According to the Air Force, both fighters cost about 80 million dollars apiece. But the similarity ends here. The F-35 is more inconspicuous, but the F-15 flies higher, farther and faster and carries more weapons. According to the Air Force, the Russian S-400 air defense system is capable of detecting F-35 at a distance of 20 miles. He see F-15EX for 200 miles », - reports "The National Interest »referring to the US Air Force.

How exactly the American fighter managed to get so close to the Russian C-400 is not known, but experts believe that in reality, the information on this subject is simply contrived.

“Even if Soviet air defense systems can detect stealth targets at distances of several tens of kilometers, it is quite obvious that much more modern and innovative Triumphs can detect them hundreds of kilometers away. The PRC has already confirmed that C-400 are capable of detecting American "stealth" at distances of 250 kilometers, and, obviously, they will not lie in Beijing in this regard ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

I don’t understand why the anti-Russian Podpindos trepachki are so happy that the F-35 crept up to 35km - and they didn’t shoot it down?
We must say thanks and be glad that our air defenses didn’t shoot - we felt sorry for the poor!
It could have ended badly for arrogant provocateurs ...

but why did they decide that they were not found before at 83 served in Odessa there was such a LENA locator, a range of 1500 saw a take-off
ъ NATO crap immediately after separation from the strip Turkey from a range of 600 km so think Russia's air defense is the best in the world

I’m an operator of manual guidance of anti-aircraft defense S-75 82-84g, there are several modes of operation for combat that never come out unnecessarily, so do not worry about the whole tip-top

And the fact that they are blind for 35 go further than 20 miles and can not do anything with them, and they can calmly destroy it

What flew up, that's for sure. Here are the conditions? In the gorge or in the canyon, etc. Any system needs to be warmed up at startup, etc. No one will say that the system was turned off at that moment. Under what conditions? It is important!

.... is it now with the Pindos in the trend - are they lying to themselves or doing relaxation? ...

They flew underground, like evil spirits from graves?

Remind me ... And when did C300 OR 400 and even a million at least hit something? Samopiar pukalka horror story?

"In the USA, they announced the approach to the Russian C-400 at 36 kilometers" --- so what? Russians won’t fly to 1km from C400 ... what next?