In the USA, they announced a complete victory over the Russian electronic warfare means

The United States believes that they have found an opportunity to suppress Russian electronic warfare systems.

Despite the fact that the capabilities of Russian electronic warfare systems are sufficient to disable various types of weapons at a distance of several hundred kilometers (recently, Russian electronic warfare systems were caught in disabling the American missile defense system), the United States announced that achieved victory over Russian electronic warfare systems.

According to the data provided by the American side, as part of a series of tests, air defense systems and F-35 fighters managed to bypass electronic suppression systems. This allegedly confirms the fact that the United States won a complete victory over Russian electronic warfare. Nevertheless, it is important that the United States used its own electronic warfare equipment to imitate the actions of Russian complexes. This allows us to assert that the American military will hardly be able to achieve a real result in the fight against Russian electronic warfare weapons.

Experts draw attention to the fact that today the United States and NATO are very concerned about the capabilities of Russian electronic warfare weapons, since there is no real opposition to it.

They did so during the Arab-Jewish War.

They don't know what is better not to know, or they just joked for a change. A kind of show against melancholy. There are such systems that Mama Don't Cry. You can burn all the electronics on the planet.

Some examples of Russia are capable of suppressing communications for thousands of kilometers. These are in Kaliningrad. You can declare anything you want .. They don't have such technologies. It looks like they are trying to provoke Russia to reveal their secrets

In reality, everything is relative and not reliable ... except for statements and positioning, everything is always beautiful and 100%

It seems that the Americans have an option to cut the budget ... Masters!

It remains to release a holiday booklet about this ... apparently the bucks are not enough.

In the West, one should not forget the words of the former US Secretary of Defense about the USSR: "The Soviet Union is dangerous not because of what it has now, but because of what it will have in 24 hours!" ... Apparently, Russia is dangerous in the same way.

Defeated your own trash? Well done and keep going.