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The United States announced a record drop in the rating of confidence in Putin

The United States announced a record drop in Putin's rating.

The American news agency Bloomberg reported that due to the recent situation in Russia, the confidence rating of the Russian president among citizens of the country fell sharply, reaching an absolute minimum for the entire period of Vladimir Putin's presidency of the Russian Federation. According to the publication, today less than 28% of citizens trust the Russian leader, however, the State Duma categorically refutes such information.

According to the Chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, the dissemination of such information is an attempt to exert destructive pressure on Russia, especially in the difficult conditions of a pandemic and freezing of the economy.

“Today it is quite obvious that the situation in our country is different. The President relies on the support of citizens; he has done a lot for Russia and constantly shows his effectiveness. The United States understands that this is Russia's strength, in contrast to the period that we call the “nineties,” associated with Yeltsin, or the “eighties,” which are associated with Gorbachev. Therefore, the attacks of the United States are aimed solely at discrediting the President, key government institutions, and leading politicians in order to undermine confidence and weaken them. ”- said Volodin.

The information presented by Bloomberg is categorically rejected as not reliable - according to published data, the real rating of the Russian leader among citizens is at almost the same level of 67,9%.

“The United States is actively pursuing its policy aimed at discrediting other countries, and at the moment we are talking about Russia, with the aim of creating some false images in the eyes of citizens”, - the analyst notes.

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At least someone told the truth ...

Americans would try to say bad things about Putin to the Russian people or Shoigu. I still had a better opinion about America, okay, the presidents and Congress are mistaken about the Russian leadership, but journalists still have to think with their own mind and not with ratings ... However, the eggs always interfere with a bad dancer ...

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Now the Americans will raise the rating of their protege.

If you think the rating of their GDP fell, then the rating of their president is even lower.

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You still say that the amers are true-loving .... and they care a lot about poor Russia so that we have a better life, they are very caring about Donetsk, Libya, Yugoslavia, and Syria ....

Most likely we have only one world rating agency that you can trust and one channel that you can watch is Rain!))) Oil is not for sale, because the economy of the whole world has practically stood up - it's a matter of time! Yes, the money in the treasury can run out, only the United States prints money without limit and then the pandemic cannot be solved in any way! % in Russia- this is the quality of medical care! But you need to poke a finger at someone, that they still have much worse)))

Listen to the BBC, it's cooler than Rain, and in general you will lose sleep because of concern for the Russians.
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Well, what is the story of the Americans lying. Russia in second place with the disease coronovirus. Mortality is not small either. There is no money in the treasury. Oil is not for sale. On the Rain channel, doctors showed tests that they were not paid. Most likely the way it is.