Iskander rocket launch


The United States announced the creation of an analogue of the Russian Iskander missile. Could a Russian missile be captured in Syria?

The US-developed analogue of the Russian Iskander OTRK could be studied in Syria.

After the American media announced the development of an analogue of the Russian Iskander tactical missile system, which the US military will be equipped with hypersonic missiles, the media drew attention to the fact that the Americans could study such missiles only in Syria.

On the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Russian military has indeed repeatedly used Iskander operational-tactical missile systems. In most cases, the strikes were carried out in the northwestern part of the republic, however, there is some evidence that the same complexes could strike in the eastern part of Syria, in particular, we are talking about the areas where the terrorists of the "Islamic State" (terrorist group, whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation - ed.), which does not exclude the possibility that one of the missiles or its parts could well fall into the hands of the American military.

As for the American missile itself, being developed by the United States, its design features are very similar to the design of the Russian missile for the Iskander OTRK, although experts suggest that the American Iskander will not be able to accelerate to a hypersonic speed, since the United States simply has no experience in the development of such weapons. The likelihood that a Russian missile or parts of it could be captured in Syria is very small.