The US announced the destruction of the newest Russian military satellite Cosmos - "2551"

The newest Russian military space reconnaissance satellite was destroyed just a month and a half after it was put into orbit.

The United States announced the destruction of the newest Russian military optical reconnaissance satellite Kosmos-2551. As arguments, the American side publishes relevant videos made in different parts of the planet, where you can see the moment of destruction of the spacecraft, which has been in the orbit of the planet for less than a month and a half.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment the newest Russian satellite entered the dense layers of the planet's atmosphere and the subsequent destruction of the spacecraft. Judging by the arguments of the American side, the Pentagon was closely monitoring not only the spacecraft, but also the moment it was sent to Earth's orbit.

The Russian Defense Ministry and representatives of Roskosmos have not yet made any statements regarding the arguments of the American side. However, it is notable that independent observations did not detect radio signals or orbital maneuvers associated with the recently launched payload. The spacecraft lost altitude as a result of friction against the tenuous atmosphere without any sign of orbital maneuvers, although the launch of the military satellite itself was deemed successful.

Shot down - it is loudly said. Those who dare to shoot down must expect the mass destruction of their companions. Nobody needs it

Oh, these fairy tales :)))

Proven aggressive actions related to the destruction or damage to the property of another state leads to an armed conflict. And what do you want, this is war.

I even see the satellite photo presented by NASA made in the Russian Federation, take a closer look, you will also notice ...

maybe it was ballistics training and so on. technical aspects of the apparatus without any payload or training for its detection by the Russian air defense forces and incapacitation in orbit.

So this is considered a military action, that is, an attack. The response is to declare war. Everything is very strict with space legislation. Another provocation and pre-sale preparation of a certain situation from the Yankees.

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Which one is destroyed? It's just that the satellite went out of orbit and burned up in the upper atmosphere.

You are sure ?

Who destroyed what?

You'd better think what the "regional gas station" will do to you after the launch of Nord Stream 2 ...

While there is not enough specifics, everything looks like rumors. In the 1970s, between the United States and the USSR, there were cases of satellites being stolen from orbit by both the United States and the USSR - from each other, but then a consensus was reached at the diplomatic level that no one touches other people's satellites. If the rumors are confirmed, it will be necessary to look at how things stand from the side of international law, otherwise mutual grievances can deprive humanity of orbiting satellites altogether.

In the USSR, there were ways to destroy any satellites in space, and what is now unknown. But if such a weapon exists, it is unlikely that Russia will now dare to do so.

How and who destroyed it?
I personally have the impression that he collapsed himself.

The "regional gas station" is unable to give an adequate response to the provocation of the States in space. Soon it will be the same on earth.

on the first view there are two parts?