Satellite downed


In the US, announced the destruction of the Russian military satellite

The United States announced the destruction of a military Russian satellite.

According to the arguments of the American side, the Russian military spacecraft Cosmos-2491 was destroyed in the orbit of the planet by a powerful explosion. The device was supposed to act as a killer satellite, however, having worked in the planet’s orbit for only a few months, he unexpectedly left it, and only a few months ago the spacecraft was destroyed by a powerful explosion.

“Cosmos-2491 could decay either as a result of deliberate destruction, accidental explosion of a battery or engine, or as a result of an accidental collision with debris. I’m inclined to an accident, because I believe that the satellite has been “dead” for several years, but I’m not sure. ”- said the American expert in the field of space Jonathan McDowell, emphasizing that he does not know the exact version of the destruction of the satellite.

It is not known exactly what mission the Russian Cosmos-2491 spacecraft should have performed on the planet’s orbit, however, experts do not exclude that in reality the spacecraft could well have been destroyed by Russia, since this military vehicle was of certain interest to the United States and some other countries.

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