In the United States announced the successful development of strikes on the Kaliningrad region with nuclear bombers

Two American strategic bombers equipped with nuclear weapons have practiced strikes on Russian territory.

A pair of American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer, equipped with nuclear weapons, have worked out strikes on Russian territory. According to the data that appeared in the public domain, it was possible to find out that American bombers equipped with nuclear weapons were raised into the sky from an airbase in Great Britain and immediately went to the Russian borders, having worked out, as it became known later, strikes on Russian territory.

"The purpose of the mission was to increase the readiness and interaction of gunners responsible for coordinating airstrikes to support ground forces."- reports the command of the US Air Force.

Judging by the flight route of a pair of American military aircraft, the strikes were practiced on the territory of the Kaliningrad region. At the same time, even if during the current flight the bombers were not equipped with nuclear weapons, the crews could well practice their use against Russia. There are no statements on this score from the US Air Force command.

There are no official statements on this score from the Russian defense department. Apparently, Russian fighters did not rise to intercept American bombers.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the United States is increasingly going to create serious provocations near the Russian borders.

The author, as always, flies in the clouds, go to the stage of fantasy and do not write horror stories.

I wonder what the European NATO countries think about? The US is planning to launch nuclear strikes almost in the center of Europe (Kaliningrad), but will there be no consequences for European countries after the use of nuclear weapons? Do they think so? The United States does not care about Europe! What do Europeans think? Or are they afraid of the Yankees?)