Vehicles headed towards the Ukrainian border that frighten the Armed Forces of Ukraine more than tanks

Russian equipment headed towards the Ukrainian border, which frightens the Armed Forces of Ukraine even more than military equipment.

Several hours ago, the residents of Russia filmed the movement of non-combat vehicles towards the Ukrainian border. However, the appearance of the latter near the Ukrainian borders caused even greater panic among the Armed Forces of Ukraine than the appearance of Russian tanks and MLRS in the same area. As it turned out, we are talking about engineering technology that provides the possibility of a theoretical breakthrough through both natural and artificial obstacles.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of transportation by rail of heavy mechanized bridges TMM-3M2, as well as engineering clearing vehicles IMR-2M. According to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this military engineering equipment can be used to overcome various obstacles, allegedly for Russia's invasion of southern Ukraine and Donbass.

Moreover, earlier, a train echelon with UR-77 demining installations was seen following in the direction of the Ukrainian border, which, according to the Ukrainian military, can also be used to overcome minefields deployed on the border with Russia.

Panic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is gradually growing, although experts note that at the moment we are talking only about Russia's intentions to ensure the security of its own borders.

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