A huge train with military equipment was seen moving towards Ukraine

A train with a large amount of military equipment is moving in the direction of Ukraine.

Russia continues to strengthen the grouping of its troops taking part in the NVO on the territory of Ukraine. This is evidenced by video footage taken by residents of Russia, which captures the moment of transporting a huge amount of military equipment by rail. Judging by the video footage, we are talking about a railway echelon, which includes at least 40 units of military equipment.

Sources say the video footage was taken this week of a train moving from eastern Russia towards the Ukrainian border. Judging by the video footage, we are talking about specialized and automotive military equipment, however, nothing is known about the purpose of the latter. On the railway platforms you can see military trucks, tankers, technical and material support, etc.

Experts believe that the strengthening of the Russian group of troops in Ukraine may be associated with the upcoming advance in several directions at once, however, so far there have been no official comments and statements from the Russian defense department on this matter.


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