In Sudan, he was fired Russian helicopter Mi-26.


In Sudan, he was fired Russian helicopter Mi-26.

20 December 2013. Mi-26 Helicopter, which belongs to Airline "UTair" They fired in Southern Sudan. None of the crew members who were on board, was not injured.

Immediately after landing the Mi-26 at Juba Airport, the specialists examined the helicopter and found several bullet holes in the hull and in the air conditioning system. They reported that the power elements of the helicopter are not affected and the vessel can function as before.

This is the second case of the Russian helicopter firing on the territory of Southern Sudan. Also in the Sudan was shot down Mi-8 helicopter, resulting in the death of all crew members.

An aggressive reaction to foreign aircraft began after 2011, when the southern part of Sudan separated from the central part due to the conflict over oil transit. And already in 2012, South Sudan began to use weapons.

They have inter-regional strife, and we have to suffer ... And who is responsible for the lives of people.? Those who sent an airplane to death, did not know that people are subjected to serious danger? We-like always-"My hut, with an edge ...." Responsible and found guilty, useless .....