Coup in Sudan


A coup attempt has been prevented in Sudan. The further fate of the Russian naval base is under a very big question

Sudanese authorities thwarted an attempted coup.

A group of military men from Sudan tried to stage a coup d'etat, attempting to seize the building of the state parliament and bringing military trucks and light armored vehicles to the streets of Khartoum (the capital of Sudan). Thanks to the timely actions of the Sudanese authorities, a military coup d'etat in the country was averted. At the same time, the national army had to use tanks, which were also taken to the streets of the Sudanese capital.

“There was an attempted coup, it turned out to be a failure. The people must resist her "- said the representative of the Transitional Sovereign Council of the Sudan.

It is known that government forces managed to arrest at least 40 officers who, as it turned out, had previously actively supported the former leader of the country, Bashir. According to so far unconfirmed information, at least 200 people from among those who were directly involved in the coup d'etat were detained.

A few weeks earlier it became known that a consignment of Russian weapons had been detained in Sudan. Now this may lead to the fact that all suspicions will be directed towards Russia. This at the same time casts doubt on the fact that Russia will receive the right to build a naval base in this country.

Earlier, the United States showed a rather great interest in preventing the Russian military from entering Sudan. This does not exclude the fact that Washington was involved in the coup in this African state.