Coup in Sudan


Attempted military coup continues in Sudan

The rebels continue to try to stage a military coup in Sudan.

Despite the fact that a week earlier, the Sudanese authorities reported that the attempted military coup in the country was successfully suppressed, it became known that, in reality, the situation in this African state remains extremely tense - important state facilities were seized and the oil pipeline was blocked , which connects the eastern part of Sudan with all other regions of the country.

"Demonstrators in Sudan said they cut off supplies on the oil pipeline connecting the capital Khartoum with the city of Haya and seized control of the city's railway station - the line leads to the Red Sea coast, where Port Sudan and other key ports are located.", - reports "Telegram" - the "ATEO Breaking" community.

African sources confirm the fact that a serious split has begun between the Sudanese military and the authorities of this country, and therefore, even the troops currently on the side of the Sudanese government may well go over to the side of the rebels and eliminate the current government through a coup d'etat.

"According to the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP)," the statements of the chairman of the Sovereignty Council and his deputy contained dangerous signs and unacceptable contradictions. " “The military is responsible for the failure to cope with the growing insecurity in the country and prevent repeated attempts at coup d'état,” the Sudanese Congress Party said. SCP holds the military responsible for the crises the country is going through, "claiming a monopoly of custody over the country and the exclusive right to lead it through the transition period." In yesterday's press statement, the party blames the military for "failing to systematically deal with growing insecurity in large parts of the country and preventing repeated coup attempts" and called for "the unification of the armed forces under the auspices of a professional military institution."- сообщает All Africa edition.

Earlier, the Sudanese authorities refused to grant the Russian military the right to build a naval base under the agreement, stressing that it will be amended.