In Texas, a plane crashed.


In Texas, a plane crashed.

12 November 2013. Increased nebula caused the collapse of light-engine AircraftWho fell into a lake near the city of Amarillo (TX).

As a result of the fall of the ship died 3 person.

The vessel was directed to g.Amarillo of g.Labbok. The wreckage of the aircraft was found in 3 km the airport. The National Security Council of Transport conducts an investigation and establishes the causes of the crash of the aircraft.

The purchased vessel belonged to the Capt family, who were the victims of the crash. The incident resulted in the death of William Michael Capt, his wife Robert Lee Capt and their son William Jr..

According to statistics, small planes are broken up much more often than large airliners. This is mainly due to inexperience of pilots, unauthorized flights, neglect to bans on flights, in bad weather. Rarely because of the irresponsibility of air traffic controllers. How and why this aircraft was in dangerous airspace at the time of the accident and what caused the fall, the relevant services will find out, but the dead will not be revived.