Tolmachevo Airport


The flight took off from Tolmachevo aviadeboshira

A resident of Novosibirsk arranged a scandal on board a passenger plane.

Curious situation occurred 15 September, while proceeding from the information available from the information resource it follows that in the preparation for the implementation of the passenger flight on the route Novosibirsk-Moscow, 45-year-old man made a real scandal. The passenger of the Russian air operator bought an air ticket near the emergency exit, because because of his high growth, he could not fit comfortably in other places, however, before landing the man used alcohol, so flight attendants asked him to move him to another place, which in the end and resulted in a scandal.

Attempts oblagorazumit drunken customer to nothing lead, as a consequence, the commander of the aircraft caused the passenger to board the police officers who detained and passenger, making with regard to its report on an administrative offense.


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