Mass protests began in Turkey, and the army is preparing for a riot

A new coup d'etat is brewing in Turkey.

The total collapse of the Turkish national currency led to massive protests on the territory of this state. In addition to several tens of thousands of Turkish citizens taking to the streets, the protesters began to demand not only the resignation of the government, but also the resignation of the country's leader. The situation is gradually spiraling out of control. Discontent is also brewing in the Turkish army, since in fact, the salaries of Turkish military personnel have almost halved since the beginning of the year.

On the presented video frames one can see mass protests in various cities of Turkey. Moreover, it is expected that over the next few days the situation in Turkey will only continue to deteriorate - according to various forecasts, by the end of this week the Turkish lira exchange rate will fall by at least 10%.

It is known that so far the police have been able to restrain the protesters, but the situation is very seriously aggravated. In this regard, Erdogan may well try to attract an army for this. This, by the way, can lead to the fact that the Turkish military can also start protesting against the situation in the country.

It is noteworthy that the situation with the Turkish national currency worsened after Turkey announced its readiness to launch a military operation in Syria - many experts have already linked the crisis to Erdogan's personal ambitions.

Turks they are like that, they almost immediately explode this is not Russia where they shout shame

And in the Russian Federation, when the ruble falls, it is generally accepted among the inhabitants that this does not concern them in any way. The question is, what country do the real Turks live in?

which Turks are nervous, a little the lyre sagged - immediately a revolution