Turkey showed the destruction of 120 tanks in Syria, Karabakh and Libya

In two years, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones have destroyed at least 120 tanks.

There documentary evidence the successful use of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 multipurpose attack reconnaissance drones against armored vehicles. To date, it is known that from 2019 to 2021, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones managed to destroy 120 tanks in Syria, Karabakh and Libya. This indicates a very high efficiency of the use of these drones.

According to the data provided by Turkish analysts, in two years the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones managed to destroy 88 tanks of the Armenian Armed Forces (all destroyed armored vehicles - T-72 tanks), 31 Syrian Armed Forces tanks (12 T-72 tanks, 5 T-62 tanks, 5 T-55 tanks and 9 unidentified tanks, - editor's note) and 1 tank of the Armed Forces of the Libyan National Army.

Each of these cases has some kind of documentary evidence in the form of photographs or video recordings. Moreover, the number of destroyed tanks can be much larger.

On the other hand, experts note that there were virtually no air defense systems in these regions. This made it possible to actively use drones to deliver strikes.

During the conflict in Syria, Russian Pantsir-C1 short-range air defense systems destroyed more than 40 Turkish Bayraktar attack drones and heavy Anka UAVs.

In February 2020, the Turks destroyed more than 250 armored vehicles and more than 3700 soldiers and officers of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian group in Idlib in February 120. XNUMX tanks are with video materials attached, and how many tanks were destroyed without video ???

and 9 unidentified tanks - So these were Soviet T-34s, the Turks do not know history, that this tank at one time as an AK-47 spread across countries. Therefore, they could not identify.

Well? .... Who will ask whom?

This statement of the Turks on the destruction of tanks is a simple cheap PR. Destruction of the infant army of Armenians, which is a complete "oak" in military affairs. The Turks follow the example of the United States, which can fight against the Papuans with spears. We consider 120 - 88 = 32 units. All conflicts are not a lot. In three conflicts Libya, Syria and Pupuasia - Armenia.

Interestingly, photos and videos have date and coordinates? I would like to see the location and date / time. Maybe a fake too, the Turks were noticed in this.

The fact that ground armored vehicles are defenseless against aviation without cover from air defense means is the basics of military affairs ... And when some so-called. the experts shout: Help! Panic! It only betrays them as hollows.

This cannot be, here on the site one FSB curator authoritatively stated that our tanks are invulnerable. There is no reason not to trust him.

At least the same number of Bayraktar TB2 UAVs (as well as tanks) were destroyed during this time.

The heroes are straight, it's like walking to a shooting range, without air defense cover, tanks have no protection from air strikes.

"At the same time, experts pay attention to the fact that in reality Turkey and Azerbaijan presented a relatively small number of frames using their drones in Karabakh - in most cases, the drones carried out only adjusting the strikes, and the strikes themselves were delivered at long distances. Obviously, the abandonment of the bet on the use of drones may be due to this very factor. "