Strong earthquake hits Turkey, destroying hundreds of houses

At night, a strong earthquake of magnitude 7,8 occurred in Turkey.

As a result of the earthquake in the area of ​​the city of Gaziantep, hundreds of residential buildings were destroyed. The oscillations continued for a very long time, which led to the propagation of the oscillations over a very considerable distance. According to the governor of the Turkish province of Kahramanmarash, where the epicenter of the earthquake was, it is currently impossible to name the exact number of victims and victims, however, there are a lot of them, and we are talking about extremely serious damage.

At the moment, at least 2000 victims are known only in Turkey, while the destruction of residential buildings and structures was also recorded in neighboring Syria. Considering the information presented in the Turkish media, approximately 200 dead citizens are already known to date, however, this number continues to grow rapidly.

What exactly caused such a strong earthquake is unknown, however, it is noted that an anomaly was also recorded - it was not just about tremors, but about long fluctuations.

At the moment, rescuers and volunteers are working at the site of the collapse of residential buildings, as thousands of people continue to be under the rubble.


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