In Turkey, spoke about the problems with the Russian C-400

Turkey told unexpected details with Russian C-400.

Despite the fact that initially, even before the start of deliveries of C-400 to Turkey, it was assumed that these air defense / missile defense systems would go on combat duty by the end of the 2019 year, it turned out that Russian air defense systems could not be adopted either in spring or next summer - the preliminary date was postponed only to December 2019 of the year.

What specific problems the Russian S-400 air defense systems faced in Turkey are not reported, however, the fact that the timing of the deployment of these air defense systems has been missed raises a lot of questions among specialists, since China itself solved this problem in just a few months.

According to experts, the maximum that may be required for the deployment of S-400 air defense systems in any of the regions of the world is 3-4 months, and therefore, the duration of the deployment of Russian systems in Turkey for a period of almost a year and a half may indicate some problems regarding including the systems themselves and, obviously, their compatibility with other air defense systems of Turkey.

It should be noted that at the moment there are no official comments on this subject.

And since there are no official data and comments of REALLY COMPETENT authorities, then there is nothing to drive the blizzard.

An article written by a robot? )))
They talked about the problems, and which problems they did not say.
It was assumed that they would take up duty until the end of the 2019 year, but the preliminary date was postponed to December 2019 of the year. What kind of nonsense?