Strong earthquake hits Turkey again, there are casualties and destruction

In Turkey, the fourth earthquake occurred, which led to a new collapse of buildings.

An earthquake of magnitude 4,6 occurred this morning. It is known that as a result of the earthquake, the collapse of several previously damaged buildings was recorded, which led to even more victims. New tremors significantly hampered the process of clearing the rubble, reducing the chances of finding people still alive under the already collapsed buildings.

This time the earthquake occurred in the central part of Turkey, however, the risk of repeated tremors is quite large, especially in areas where strong earthquakes have already been recorded, and therefore rescuers are in a hurry to sort out the rubble because of the risk of collapse of damaged and partially destroyed buildings and structures.

The situation in Turkey remains critical - by now the death toll has already exceeded 6300 people and continues to grow, while the number of victims already exceeds 35000 people.

In total, about 20 tremors have been recorded in Turkey over the past XNUMX hours, however, most of them were quite weak.


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