Turkey announced the successful copying of the Russian S-400 air defense system

The Russian S-400 air defense system has been successfully copied in Turkey.

The head of the Directorate of the Turkish Defense Industry, Ismail Demir, said that Turkey is completing the development of its latest anti-aircraft missile system, which in its technical parameters and combat characteristics will correspond to the Russian S-400 air defense systems, which Ankara previously acquired from Russia. According to Demir, the development of the complex has actually been completed and the production of prototypes of this weapon is currently underway, however, against this background, Turkey is considering the possibility of refusing to purchase another batch of Russian S-400 air defense systems.

“The S-400 issue was discussed for the acquisition of these air defense systems in two stages. All parameters of the agreement were for two stages of procurement. The first stage included direct procurement, and the second stage included cooperation in specific areas. Steps are being taken in this cooperation as well. In this regard, specific developments have taken place. This is a stage where there are a lot of details and certain steps are taken. As Turkey, we believe that here we should be more restrained in terms of acquiring these weapons. "- Demir said.

Remarkable is the fact that Turkey's lack of interest in the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems can be explained by the successful completion of the development of Turkish systems. This testifies to the fact that Ankara has simply copied Russian technologies and implemented them in its own weapons.

“At the local level, we will have an approach with regard to the Siper range and altitude information, especially in coordination with the ministry and the military, so that there is not too much information like that. The Turkish air defense system will be much better and, as we said, we are moving step by step towards the S-400 or even more advanced system. "- said the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate Ismail Demir.

It should be noted that Turkey has not officially deployed the S-400 air defense systems previously acquired from Russia due to the lack of the ability to integrate these systems into a single network of the national air defense system.


You can copy, and that's all. We need materials, technologies and much more.

Eastern tradition: Hottabych also copied the phone - exactly, expensive, but does not ring

Turkey cannot even create anything close to the Patriots, what can we say about more advanced complexes?

Themselves to blame

The Turks tested their HISAR-U Siper air defense system on November 6. It seems to be successful. The declared range is 150 km, the maximum height is 30 km. Let's see.

"... announced the successful copying of the Russian S-400 air defense system"? Finished filing a piece of metal? Like, why not the S-400? And what, it seems, especially the "pipe" of the PU ... The weapons in service with the Russian Armed Forces and weapons under the letter "E" (export version) are two big differences. And to prevent copying, "fuses" are installed on the "most valuable" (up to the squibs)

You have to be a real clown to sell 400 to Turkey after they shot down our pilot and killed the ambassador. Which is Shuigu

Let them copy. This is an export version and the characteristics are 1,5 times worse than the non-worthy С400.

Russia sold air defense systems to Turkey, Turkey sold Bayraktary to Ukraine. We must somehow earn money. Both those and others try to do as best they can.

All that remains is to "thank" Rosoboronexport for the sale of Russian modern weapons to the Turks, and even try to negotiate the sale of Zircon and Dagger to the "partner" ... What else is needed to make the sense of one's own security work ?!

This is impossible, firstly, international agreements protect copyrights, inventions and technologies, and secondly, it makes no sense, there is something better in the world.

which is to be expected ...

How many Chinese have taught us, and now the Turks have taught us too ..