In Ukraine, they boasted of the "destroyer" of the Crimean bridge. Video

Ukraine again boasted missiles destroying the Crimean bridge.

The Ukrainian military, contrary to attempts to regulate political relations with Russia, reiterated its readiness to destroy the Crimean Bridge, reinforcing its intentions by launching two Neptune cruise missiles.

According to media reports, the Ukrainian military carried out a test launch of two Neptune cruise missiles at once, successfully hitting targets at distances of 85 and 110 kilometers, and the missiles flew at ultra-low altitude, thereby disguising themselves from radar and air defense systems.

“The Ukrainian cruise missile anti-ship missiles R-360 of the LCD-360MC Neptune complex during the tests at the state Alibey training ground in the Odessa region almost simultaneously destroyed two targets. 10-15 kilometers before the target was hit, missiles equipped with homing heads reduced the flight altitude to five meters above sea level. “Next, the missiles calculated the optimal point of impact, crossed the path that remained, and destroyed two sea targets. I congratulate all of you! The tests were successful, all surface targets were hit at a given range, ”the designer said. In July 2019, the former secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, said that the Crimean bridge could be destroyed by the Neptunes in a few minutes. ”- сообщает Russian information publication "".

Experts, in turn, note that if Ukraine really decides to take radical measures, and attacks the Crimean bridge with its cruise missiles, which, by the way, will be regarded by Russia as an open attack and declaration of war, then the likelihood that the bridge connecting the peninsula to the mainland part of Russia, colossal damage will be inflicted, relatively small, since such cruise missiles are not designed to defeat such targets.

“Ukraine is rather trying to advertise its weapons, and claims that Neptune could completely destroy the Crimean bridge are not true. Nevertheless, such provocations only increase tension in relations with Russia. ”- the specialist draws attention.

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