Tank Oplot


In Ukraine, decided to abandon the developed "supertanka"

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed the refusal of tanks "Oplot"

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has confirmed information about the absence of contracts concluded for deliveries to the Supreme Court of Ukraine "Oplot" and about the absence of intentions to conclude them in the near future.

The reason for the refusal was that the design of the machines had parts made in Russia. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not clarify how the full replacement of Russian parts will be carried out. It was noted only that the military department will consider the question of the expediency of acquiring this tank. As for import substitution, the Kharkiv KBM them. Morozov.

The reasons for the refusal of the MBT "Oplot" said the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It indicates the need for work to ensure import substitution.

About the refusal of Ukraine to produce the OPT "Oplot" because of the presence in the design of Russian components earlier said the director of the information and consulting company "Defense Express" Sergey Zgurets. He said that Kharkiv KBM is developing a draft of the new “Oplot”, which will consist entirely of Ukrainian components.