Airline S7 Airlines


In Ulan-Ude, due to the dense fog, about an hour could not land the plane "S7 Airlines"

Plane «S7 Airlines» airline for about an hour could not land in Ulan-Ude.

As the reference service Ulan-Ude airport, morning flight from Moscow could not land at the air port, due to the dense fog that this morning enveloped the entire city, in particular, instead of the scheduled time, the landing of the aircraft was carried out only 8 hours 57 minutes, which in turn affected the performance of the flight in the opposite direction.

It is necessary to clarify that, because of fluctuations in daily temperatures, fog became increasingly disrupt Russian air harbors, and, detailed situation will be observed for at least another for a month, in connection with which the passengers departing morning flights may be some difficulties.