Turkish Airlines Airline


In Warsaw urgently landed aircraft "Turkish Airlines"

The passenger airliner of the Turkish company "Turkish Airlines"Displaced villages in Warsaw.

The official reasons for the emergency landing are not specified at the moment, however, according to information received by the Avia.pro editorial board, it follows that the forced landing could be associated with a report on the mining of a passenger flight.

The passenger airliner "Turkish Airlines" carried out a regular flight from Istanbul to San Francisco, however, during the flight the aircraft commander decided to change the route in an emergency order and land at the Polish capital airport. According to the press service of the Warsaw airport, none of the passengers on board were injured, but no details were specified.

Since the beginning of this year, the Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines planes have already made more than a dozen forced landings due to false reports of aircraft mining, and these actions most likely were repeated the day before.