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In Washington, they staged a panic over a Russian bomber invisible to American radars near the US borders

The Russian bomber turned out to be invisible to American radars.

The newest Russian bomber, a deeply modernized version of the Soviet Tu-95 strategic bomber, has proven to be an unobtrusive target for American radars, which allows these combat aircraft to approach almost close to the US borders. According to American military experts, this radically changes the situation, especially since these bombers were not always able to be detected in a timely manner anyway.

The Americans panicked because of the use of new materials that will partially absorb radar radiation, this will make these bombers 10-15% more secretive, which is tens of kilometers. Moreover, the Tu-95MSM is also equipped with modern means of electronic suppression, which makes it even more invisible.

"The American agency" The National Interest "drew attention to the result of the modernization of the Russian Tu-95MSM bomber-missile carrier. It is noted that in the course of the improvement, the aircraft underwent large-scale changes that significantly increased its combat capabilities. According to the expert, the updated "ninety-fifth" was equipped with more modern radar, avionics, and electronic suppression. In addition, the propellers and power units have undergone modernization. In terms of weapons, it carries cruise missiles X-101 and X-102. The publication stressed that the Tu-95MSM, like all previous versions, has a "fantastic flight range." At the same time, the bomber has the ability to refuel in the air ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "".

It should be clarified that despite the fact that the Russian Tu-95 was developed 70 years ago, this aircraft is still a very serious threat to almost any Russian enemy, and the Russian Tu-95 does not actually need stealth - cruise missiles located in its armament, capable of hitting targets at distances over 5 thousand kilometers.