In Britain, they were afraid that without the INF Treaty, Russia would definitely “bang”

Britain is confident that with the release of the INF Treaty, Russia will erase Europe into dust.

This afternoon, the British Parliament actively discussed the issue of preserving the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Shorter-Range Missiles. According to politicians, if Russia really comes out of the INF range, and there is no doubt about that, then the probability of a nuclear war will rise to its maximum in the entire history.

“Because of the collapsing relations between the nuclear-weapon States, new capabilities and technologies, but without contacting each other, the risk of using nuclear weapons is now higher than since the days of the Cold War.”- said David Howell, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

According to British parliamentarians, the Alliance needs to make every effort to keep the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, however, it is clear that Russia will act symmetrically with the United States, and, therefore, the resumption of the INF Treaty is not .

Independent analysts, in turn, argue that Britain’s concerns about Russia are unfair, because even without the DDRMD, Russia has enough weapons to ensure its security.

“Conversations about whether Russia“ bahnet ”or“ not bakhnet ”are empty until NATO begins to put pressure on the United States, since it was Washington that initiated the exit from the INF Treaty. Obviously, it will be unpleasant for London to be under the gun of Russian cruise missiles, but to solve this problem, the UK should turn to Trump, not Putin. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that Russia and the United States will definitively leave the PRSPD in less than three months.