Production of Challenger 3 tanks began in the UK


Production of Challenger 3 tanks began in the UK

The eighth prototype of the Challenger 3 tank has rolled off the production line at the Rheinmetall BAE Systems plant in Telford, England, which will be the first pre-production example of the latest tank intended for use by the British Armed Forces.

The British War Office rates the Challenger 3 as the most powerful and reliable tank in the history of the country's army. The first prototype is already undergoing field testing, and the next seven vehicles are being prepared for testing in various combat and climatic conditions.

Once testing is completed, it is planned to launch a large-scale modernization program in which 140 Challenger 2 tanks will be converted into Challenger 3 models. These tanks will receive a new turret with a smoothbore gun, reinforced armor and modern equipment.

The military department emphasizes that in the face of increasing global threats, the updated Challenger 3 will become a critical part of the country's arsenal and is expected to remain in service until at least 2040.


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